Captured Beauty Escort Photography

How I work -

I have a fully equipped studio on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, or I can shoot on location with battery operated studio flashes or available light depending on what look works best.

After the shoot, I go thru the images, delete the ones that are not the best, and tweak the rest for colour, sharpness, contrast enhancement. Then an online private gallery is created and I email the link so you can choose, this is usually done within 24-36 hours as I know how excited people are to see their shots!

Once the images are chosen to retouch (airbrush) I give them priority. Some clients are after very light skin retouching others may request substantial body enhancement and reshaping. Once that's been done, I mail the disk (or I can email smaller versions to speed up delivery or for those who prefer their images not be sent via post), with the photos. I wait for confirmation that the images have been received, after which (if asked) I delete the images off my hard drive, to guarantee total confidentiality or archive them so they may be available if additional images want to be purchased.


A bit about myself...

I grew up with film and cameras all around me, with a dark room in our bathroom. My dad left his job as an engineer to become a photographer when I was very little. As a teenager I helped shoot weddings and bands in a family business in Eastern Europe and then the Middle East.

When I moved to Australia, I studied psychology and computing but ended up working as a model till I decided to pick up the camera again.

This time, on my own terms, having my very own digital SLR shooting was so very different. I concentrated on shooting models, numerous catalogues, fashion shows, men's magazines (as they were all familiar with my work as a model), as well as doing private shoots for couples capturing their most intimate moments, which I really enjoyed. Basically just doing all the fun things.

I am not afraid of sexuality, and feel that responsible sexuality exists best in an atmosphere where friendship, love, and intimacy are not scarce and we are liberated from internalised shame.

I love to experiment with light, colour, form, and with digital post processing to create unique images. It is my goal to create many different and unique looks, and experiment with what can be achieved. As a photographer I believe in bringing out the best in each of my models. Regardless of weight, size, or body shape, each person has a unique personality and inner beauty that can be expressed - if only it is brought out from within.


How I got in to this industry -

About 12 years ago I started getting many requests for a portfolio from people who do escorting. I was shocked to learn how many of them had horrible experiences with male photographers, charging them a fortune then taking advantage of them, or showing up without any lights, treating them so rudely and without any respect, never providing photos, or giving them unusable low res ones. Stories I heard were never ending and quite shocking. Since then I've been helping out, absolutely loving this area of work, as I feel I’m making the greatest difference here, and have so far encountered the nicest people.

Kelly the Lighting Assistant, web designer and Photographer as well.

With a Bachelor Of Visual Arts Photography, over 15 years of shooting and lighting the Female body in both Glamour and Fine-Art styles. An easy going non judgemental attitude and a funny disposition to life makes him a great assistant to have around. Often seeing unexpected camera angles, creative lighting situations and he is a mean twisted strap spotter further enhances his usefulness on the shoot.