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“I came across some of Alexa’s impressive work on the internet which made me decide to fly from Sydney to have a shoot with her. Upon arrival I was greeted by Alexa and her friendly team: Kelly and Sara who put me instantly at ease. The shoot was a lot of fun, but also professional, Alexa knew exactly how to get the most out of my features and made me look fantastic in photos, she really knows what looks good .
When I arrived home, my online gallery was ready for me the same evening, this has never happen before and I was extremely happy, I was even happier when I saw the photos, they were amazing! Which made it hard for me to choose, that’s where Alexa come to the rescue again, she came up with some really helpful suggestions and made my job so much easier. The final photos were ready within days. I’m absolutely ecstatic with the job she did, I hope to shoot with her again, and have recommended her to all my friends. Thanks so much Alexa, you are a legend!”



When it came to hiring a photographer, I am about as picky as they come! As an independent elite escort with a very particular emphasis on the professionalism of my business, it was important to find the right photographer with that elusive blend of high-end, commercial-grade skills, an eye for subtle, demure eroticism with an ability to create the perfect images that represent my professional, visual brand. I am a perfectionist and I wanted images that represented the exclusivity of my brand.

Let me say without any hesitation that what Alexa delivered on an ongoing basis in some of the most challenging yet visually lush locations I hired, was nothing short of stellar, surprising and remarkable.

When I first contacted Alexa, I had already shot with two other photographers and gone through a decent amount of my start-up budget. I knew from our very first photo-shoot that I’d find the only photographer I wanted to work with and she just ‘got’ what I was after.

I can’t even begin to relate the impact her amazing work has made to my business, the profitability she’s contributed to my brand and I’d highly recommend to those seeking a photographer to look no further. She is a rare gem who faultlessly and continuously delivers nothing but the highest calibre of work with it’s own unique style and impact with meticulous attention to lighting, composition and a style all her own. Her continuing success is a testament to talent, professionalism and determination to be the best at what she does.

Eva La Perla
Elite Independent Escort


Hey Alexa!
Thank you soooo sooooo much! The pics look fabulous!!! I love them!
I can't wait to get in for round 2 :) Although it will probably have to wait a while, I will keep in touch.
Again thanks heaps. they really are AWESOME!!!



I have been photographed on multiple occasions by Alexa and I am consistently blown away both by her talent and her professionalism. After the first shoot I knew I would stick with her as my regular photographer for the length of my career and she has always been accommodating while booking shoots and at the shoots themselves (including a group shoot that got just a little bit crazy...). I would recommend her wholeheartedly without reservation to anyone looking for beautiful and interesting shots for their portfolio or website. I am constantly amazed at how she manages to make me look like a better version of me.
Hannah Lemieux


I recently did my first photoshoot with Alexa Star. I worked with other well known photographers before however Alexa is simply the best by far! She is a true professional and knows exactly what she is doing.During the photoshoot she made me feel really relaxed and helped me with choosing the right poses. I was amazed by how quickly I received the images. It took Alexa only a couple of days to send me final, airbrushed versions of my photos while for most photographers it could take up to two weeks. I was extremely happy with the quality of images and found it really hard to pick the ones that I wanted to use for my profile as I liked them all !!! I can recommend Alexa Star to anyone who is involved in the Adult entertainment industry and wants to get the best images possible!


As a person who hates to be photographed, it was with great nervousness that I arrived for a shoot with Alexa. She was lovely and professional and so helpful with suggestions and instructions I trusted her completely and soon forgot my self-conciousness. When I got the photos back I was amazed at what she achieved, she was able to bring out moods and looks and beauty from a completely inexperienced shy model! With these results I am much more confident in promoting myself and I'm looking forward to my next shoot with Alexa as I will have a much better idea of what I am doing and can trust her to make me look great!
Stella Mackenzie


So your thinking "where the goddam hell do I get some shots for work", hard ? easy answer, Alexa Star. Trust me, I work the other side of the street (male to female, & if that ain't a niche market then I'll go he), work photo's aren't something you can put in the hands of your local wedding photog nor your brother or sister (no matter how well they did in VCE), non judgemental, efficient, and all that arty farty stuff, oh yeah did I mention she's a girl, couldn't be easier, it might seem expensive initially but seriously you only get one chance to make a first impression!


I recently used CapturedBeauty to update my pictures. I’m a little shy when it comes to doing a photo shoot, especially with a photographer I’ve never used before.
Alexa Star was very friendly and made me feel rite at home. The hair stylist/make up artist did a wonderful job. There was an array of cloths to choose from. Alexa suggested different outfits to and flattering poses to try during the shoot. She made me feel very relaxed!!
My pictures came out amazing!! She really knew how to work the camera angels to get the most body flattering pictures. The lighting was perfect and there where several backdrops and props to choose from.
I had blast working with her and would highly recommend Alexa for anyone who wants pictures that really stand out!! Alexa has a good eye and knows what looks best for you!


My name is Jessica. I have know Alexa Star for 9 months now. She has photographed me on 3 occassions and has done the most professional job ever. I always recommend her to all of my asssociates, and i know that she has the most elite reputation in the industry. I will vouch for her anyday.
Kind Regards
Jessica De Torres


A couple of friends of mine had done some shoots with Alexa and I really liked her work, enough so for me to fly all the way from Brisbane to Melbourne to get my photos done. I have never modelled before, but found Alexa to be helpful and professional on the day of the shoot and very prompt afterwards with returning the finished photos to me. I’m very pleased with the results! They are beautifully polished. I wish I lived a bit closer, I would be adding to my portfolio all the time.


I recently had some images done by "Alexa Star" of "Art of the Lens" studio. website: I found her very professional and easy to work with. A model herself for mens magazines, she had an understanding of the entertainment world, which allowed me to feel at ease. i had images done at her studio and on location, all the images came out amazing and has really helped my career . i would highly recommend her for all who are in the adult entertainment world as a professional photographer who has great talents in producing some highly satisfactory glamour styled imagery.
Yasmin Diaz


"Alexa is an absolute professional as a photographer - she is fantastic at putting you at ease and has a sharp, efficient approach to her work. Her ability to capture images is amongst the best I have experienced. I am extremely happy with the photos, and will continue to use Alexa for ongoing shoots - I can't recommend her enough."
Lotti Lane


I received my Disc with all the pics today. Great working with you. You're very prompt and on top of your stuff!! That's rare. Seems like so many people take their time with getting things done, etc. You rocked!!!
Charlotte White

Alexa is a great photographer who dares to go were others are usually afraid to. She has always made me feel very comfortable in any situation and she is honest, reliable and trustworthy. I have worked with Alexa several times on different projects and she always creates some fabulous images and i definetely recomend her to anyone who wants to build their portfolio or just want a great portrait for themselves or for their family or loved ones.
Victoria Franco

Sarah B.

Alexa was great to work with. I am rather new to the world of modelling but she made me feel at ease and helped me to create the best poses for each shot. The Portfolio that Alexa provided for me arrived within a few days of finishing the shoot and had so many great shots that I battled to pick my top ten for photoshop work by Alexa. Again this was done with great speed, accuracy and proficiency. All in all I had a lot of fun and laughs whilst working with Alexa and would love to work with her again to create more beautiful images
Linda Slade

<Alexa's use of light and composition - not to mention her access to some of the Country's most beautiful women - ensures her continued contributor photographer status at Australian Penthouse magazine.
Suzan Ryan – Editor of Australian Penthouse


Alexa Star is a great photographer to work with as she makes you feel 100% comfortable whilst offering ways to make the photos more successful and is patient and her photos are highly original.

Alexa is truly a professional behind the lens....she knows what she wants and captures it so beautifully! The results show determination and passion for her work, it's always a pleasure working with such creativity.
Lianne Make Up Artist