Captured Beauty Escort Photography

Q - Are you the actual photographer who will be photographing me on the day?
A - Definitely, however in case of an emergency I may need to substitute another photographer of equal talent/skill to myself.

Q - I'm very camera shy and usually hate myself in photographs. But really need some pics done. How can you help?
A - My experience is mostly working with total amateurs and beginners in the modeling scene, I help with confidence, poses, I speak to my clients thru the whole shoot and guide them thru it. I teach the art of posing and finding the best angles. I also run image and confidence workshops.

Q - Who is present at the time of the shoot?
A - Myself (the photographer) and my lighting assistant. Make up artist can stay for touchups for longer shoots. For short shoots she leaves after finishing her job.

Q - I don't have suitably sexy outfits, and prefer not to pose nude, what can I do?
A - I have an extensive wardrobe in sizes 6 - 14, lot's of lingerie, many corsets, short dresses, sexy outfits, fantasy costumes, bikinis etc to choose from.

Q - How many photos do you normally take per hour?
A - I shoot quite fast, but it's really up to you. Depends on how long you take to change outfits and check yourself in the mirror :-) But usually 100 - 300 photos.

Q - How many changes per hour I'm allowed to do?
A - Totally up to you! But the more you change, the less time we spend taking the shots! I'd recommend trying the outfits before you come in, and choosing carefully the ones that are right for you. I had many people turning up with brand new lingerie sets, with labels on them, and it takes time cutting the labels off, then discovering that the item doesn't fit.

Q - Is there parking close by?
A - Yes, free parking just outside the premises.

Q - Would the photos stay confidential?
A - Of course. Your identity and photos are totally confidential.

Q - How soon after the shoot would I be able to view the photos?
A - Usually within 24 hours I email you a secret link to go to choose images for airbrushing. The link works on mobile phones but will recommend using a computer to make sure you can see the images properly.

Q - How soon after the shoot should I expect to receive images?
A - If you went for the package with no retouching, then you can pick up the disk 24 hours after the shoot, or I can post it. For retouching takes 48 hours up to 7 days from the time you choose the images to retouch. If you are happy for me to choose, it will take less time. I can also pick the images that will look the most flattering after retouching as I know what can be retouched best. 

Q - How much do you normally airbrush the images, what can I expect?
A - Totally up to you! Some people ask for minimal touch ups, tattoos removal or acne, and some want a total body reconstruction, lifting up or enlarging breasts, creating a waist line, making arms smaller etc I'm happy to suit your needs. Packaged prizes include contrast, sharpening, making images look polished and the basic body enhancement, skin clearing. Pricing depends on the level of retouching that you'd like done.

Q - Could I split costs with another person if we book a longer shoot?
A - Yes, booking a whole day shoot and splitting the costs with a few people will certainly be cheaper for you.

Q - Would you come to shoot on location?
A - Yes, I have portable equipment that I can travel with. I can shoot in hotels, beach, parks etc. (On outdoor location I have a lighting assistant with me).

Q - For my special clients, I'd like to do a really erotic shoot, do you do that?
A - Certainly, I don't have any limits with what I shoot. I've done extreme fetish shoots, and the usual erotic posing with toys, or couples.

Q - What's your minimum booking time?
A - 15 mins in my studio and 2 hours on location.

Q - How much notice do you need?
A - Preferably 2 weeks, but sometimes I can fit people in, for short shoots, in very short notice, even the same day! For shoots with make up artist, need a few days notice at least.

Q - How does the payment work?
A - I require a deposit at the time of booking, then the rest in cash on the day of the shoot. Happy to provide an invoice. Different shoot durations require a different deposit amount. I'll let you know the amount and my bank details.

Q - What's your cancellation policy?
A - If the shoot been cancelled  I keep the deposit. If you'd like to make another date, I'll need a new deposit.

Q - Can I view the images during the shoot?
A - Yes, happy to show them to you on the back of the camera screen which is quite large.

Q - What if I don't like what we are getting?
A - We change the set up, lighting, poses or whatever else is needed to satisfy your needs.

Q - What happens if I don't like the photos after the shoot?
A - Hasn't happened to me yet. But if you don't like any after viewing them online, I will return your money less the deposit and make-up/hair artist costs.

Q - I'm building a web site with private paid galleries for my clients, how often can I book a shoot with you, and are there any discounts?
A - Yes, for frequent bookings, I can do really good deals on prices. We can shoot as often as you like.

Q - Do you shoot plus size people as well?
A - Yes, I can see the beauty in everyone, and do my best to make it show on the photo.

Q - Would you shoot a transgendered girl?
A - Yes, TS, TV are all welcome.

Q - Do you have any interesting locations to shoot in?
A – Onsite we now have a studio with burgundy & gold plus a sleek white Chaise lounge, black velvet french chair & funky retro pinup red lip sofa, a separate bedroom set with a Provincial French mirrored desser table and a white queen sized bed. However hot cars, beautiful clubs, hotels will cost extra, but yes we can arrange it.

Q - What preparation should I do
A - Please wear something light and not constrictive. If possible avoid undergarments as this will leave deep and often red marks. Cut off all tags from clothing, especially anything that is seethru or sheer. remember bras as well.
If you colour your hair have this done a few days before the shoot. Bring some light snacks that you can nibble on to keep your blood sugar-up. Modeling may not look hard but it is tiring, using muscles not usually used.